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Why Incorporate In Nevada?
Discover Nevada

Many people are unaware that each of the fifty states writes its own unique statutes regarding corporate structuring, operational requirements, legal protection (such as the corporate veil) and personal privacy protection. No state in the union has more business-friendly incorporation statutes than the state of Nevada.

  • In 1996, Nevada made its first appearance on the top ten list of states with the highest number of incorporations, even though thirty-six states have larger populations.
  • Each month, more than 5,000 corporations are formed in Nevada, with more than 80% of them formed by people who live outside Nevada.

Almost without exception, you may form your corporate entity in Nevada even though you operate your company in another state. Doing so usually provides the individual business owner with maximum asset protection and can even have positive tax implications.

For example, in the state of Nevada, the corporate veil may be pierced only if the owner of a company is deemed to have committed deliberate fraud. The corporate veil may be pierced much more easily in other states.

At NCH, we’re so certain that Nevada law will provide you, your family and your business with maximum legal protection that we offer a $100,000 guarantee that the corporate veil of your Nevada corporation will never be pierced. For the full details of this guarantee, go to

Why Inc In Nevada?

Nevada's corporate statutes started with those of Delaware and then went even further, establishing a corporate entity that allows investors and owners of Nevada corporations to remain off the public record - an advantage that is unique throughout the world. Since these statutes took effect in 1991, the number of new incorporations in Nevada has exploded.

There’s no comparison! Nevada vs. Delaware Corporate Advantages

Asset Protection
If you're in business and have assets over $50,000, you need to make sure you adequately protect yourself because:

  • One in every four small businesses has been sued or threatened with a lawsuit in the past five years.
  • There is one lawsuit filed every 2.08 seconds - the equivalent of the blink of an eye.
  • One lawsuit can damage or destroy your livelihood, forcing you to close your doors.

Just cause is not a pre-requisite to lawsuits any more.
Just cause is not a pre-requisite to lawsuits any more. One of the main reasons for incorporating is to limit the exposure of your assets to business losses. Incorporating separates corporate activities from personal assets. This is true in any state.  The bullet-proof protection inherent in Nevada corporations, however, takes it to a new level, making it virtually impossible for creditors and litigants to get at your hard-earned assets.  That just might be the main reason there were over 40,000 incorporations in Nevada last year alone. It looks like more and more business-savvy people are discovering the tremendous advantages that complete protection offers! Unlike most other states, there has never been a case in which the corporate veil* was pierced in Nevada, except in the instance of fraudulent activity. This means your personal assets receive maximum protection when separated from business activities by a Nevada corporation.  Nevada’s Supreme Court consistently stands strong on preserving this protection, even when a corporation fails to maintain basic corporate formalities (though we strongly recommend you do so).

* "The Corporate Veil" refers to the separation between the individual and the company. It is the most valuable attribute offered by the corporation. Care must be taken to preserve the corporate veil because if it is ‘pierced’ the corporation may have no asset protection. Nevada law states clearly that the actions of the corporation are exempt from personal responsibility of the corporation’s owner(s) except in cases of fraud or malfeasance.

Reduced Tax Exposure
Pro-business Nevada, unlike almost every other state, has taken a stand!
  • No Corporate Income Tax.
  • No Taxes on Corporate Shares
  • No Franchise Tax
  • No Personal income tax
  • No IRS Information Sharing Agreement
  • Corporate federal tax payable is only 15% on the first $50,000 of net income.
Use this to your advantage! Learn more through these specific tax savings strategies:

Low Cost
Nevada is one of the lowest cost states in which to incorporate. Nevada only charges a filing fee of $125 per year. (Note that these fees are subject to change.) For a mere $125 annually, Nevada will give you the right to all the benefits of a Nevada corporation.

No Minimum Capital Requirements
A Nevada corporation can be organized with very little capital, if desired. Many states require that a corporation have at least $1,000 in capital.

One Person Requirement
One person can hold the offices of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and be the sole Director. Many states require at least 3 officers and/or directors. Thus, there is no need to bring other persons into a Nevada corporation if the owner does not desire it.

No Need To Come to Nevada
A corporation can be formed by mail, fax, or phone and the person incorporating in Nevada never has to visit the state, even to conduct annual meetings. Meetings can be held anywhere in the world at the option of the director(s).